EQUIP researchers receive new grants from CIHR

We’re excited to announce that members of the EQUIP team have received two new Planning and Dissemination Grants from CIHR that will enable us to continue to build on the successes of EQUIP. These small grants are intended to help research teams get their findings out to key audiences and to plan the next stages of their research. The two grants received were:

Refining and Disseminating a Toolkit for Measuring and Promoting Equity-Oriented Care in Primary Care Settings: Annette Browne is leading this dissemination grant, together with Colleen Varcoe, Sabrina Wong and our amazing partners in the primary health care sector in Prince George, BC. Together they are developing a toolkit with a range of practical and conceptual tools to support health care providers and organizations to make their services more equity oriented. These tools bring the concepts and findings of EQUIP and our previous work to the hands of providers and health care organizations who can make a difference in how care is provided. Stay tuned as we make the toolkit available through upcoming events and our website!

Planning to Promote Equity for Indigenous People in Emergency Primary Health Care: Hospital Emergency Departments (EDs) are often the first point of care for people who are sick or injured. Although EDs are well positioned to promote health care access, they often operate under considerable pressures and at overcapacity, making this potential challenging to reach. Many will be familiar with the tragic case of Mr. Brian Sinclair, an Indigenous man who died in a Winnipeg ED after being ignored for 34 hours. Although Mr. Sinclair’s death has received a lot of media attention, this is just one example of the discrimination and poor care that many Indigenous people face at hospitals every day. This planning grant, led by Colleen Varcoe with Annette Browne, is an opportunity for members of the EQUIP team to work with leaders and other stakeholders from hospitals and Indigenous communities, to plan activities to enhance equity in this critical setting.