About the Equipping For Equity Modules

Are you frustrated in your work?

Have you been trying to provide good care but it just seems like there are a million barriers?

Watch Dr. Colleen Varcoe (PhD, RN), Professor in UBC’s School of Nursing, for a unique insight into how to deal with your frustration head-on.

Integrating a health equity approach into the care you provide is a win-win-win:

  • your clients, especially those facing the biggest challenges, will be better served
  • you as the health care provider will deliver care that is more effective and acceptable, especially for your “complex” clients, and be more satisfied with your work
  • your organization and the health care system will be better aligned with quality of care goals, and with a social justice approach

Presented by EQUIP Health Care

These online modules are presented by EQUIP Health Care — organizational-level intervention studies funded by CIHR, designed to enhance the capacity of primary health care clinics and emergency departments to provide equity-oriented care, particularly for marginalized populations. The lead researchers on the EQUIP Healthcare team are:

EQUIP Primary Care EQUIP Emergency Care
Annette Browne Colleen Varcoe
Colleen Varcoe Annette Browne
Marilyn Ford-Gilboe Vicky Bungay
Nadine Wathen

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  • Our focus is to provide you with low-cost, action-oriented strategies, tools and templates to help you integrate healthy equity in practice.

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