Health Zone Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

Health Zone is an innovative Nurse Practitioner-Led clinic (NPLC) located in London, Ontario.  Health Zone serves mostly women and children, many of whom are affected by conditions of poverty and social isolation, and many of whom have histories of violence and trauma.  Health Zone’s team of inter-disciplinary staff believes in the importance of trauma-informed care, cultural competence, and equity competence of primary health care organizations.

With three clinic locations and four outreach sites, Health Zone supports people who are socially marginalized, live in poverty, are negotiating life transitions, and/or who face significant barriers that make it difficult to access, or benefit from, traditional primary health care services.  These barriers include access to transportation, mistrust of service providers, language barriers, poverty and associated stresses, and living with multiple, complex health and social problems which are not easily addressed in a “1 problem per visit” model of care.  At full capacity, the clinic will be able to serve 2,400 clients.

Health Zone is also designed as a university/community partnership and seeks to link high quality, accessible health care with education of future health care practitioners, and with research to enhance best practices in care and service delivery.

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