Blue Pine Primary Health Care Clinic

The Blue Pine Primary Health Care Clinic was created to address the needs of the population of Prince George who do not currently have access to a Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner.  Although patients with a wide range of needs are seen at the clinic, the focus of the clinic is to provide care to people who need more support than a regular family doctor’s office is able to offer.  We have a team of health professionals that includes Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, a Mental Health Clinician and a Social Worker who work together to support the diverse care needs of our patients.  As space becomes available in the other primary care clinics of Prince George, patients who are a good fit for the traditional GP office are transferred to these clinics.

We strive to provide holistic, patient-centred care and are among the primary care homes chosen to prototype Northern Health’s new integrated team-based approach to primary care.  This provides an opportunity for us to share some of the successes of the team-based approach and help adapt these to work within more traditional Primary Care Homes.

The Blue Pine Primary Health Care Clinic came into being through an initiative of the General Practice Services Committee and is run through an ongoing partnership between the Prince George Division of Family Practice and Northern Health.

To contact the clinic, please call 250-596-8100.