Central Interior Native Health Society

The Central Interior Native Health Society (CINHS) is a non-profit organization in Prince George, British Columbia that has been operating as an Urban Aboriginal Health Centre since 1993.  Their mission is to provide comprehensive, quality primary health care that can meet the needs of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people living with social disadvantages.  CINHS supports nearly 1300 people, approximately 80% of whom self-identify as Aboriginal.  Other characteristics of the population served include low income, high rates of unstable housing, social housing or no housing, high rates of trauma histories, and high rates of substance use, addictions, and HIV/AIDS.

As one of the main primary health care organizations in Prince George and the surrounding communities in this region of northern BC, the CINHS offers a wide range of health care services.  These services are delivered by an interdisciplinary team, which includes: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, R.N.s, Social Workers, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Outreach support staff, Mental Health Counseling and a range of specialist’s services, including Infectious Disease Specialist, Methadone Maintenance Program and Psychiatry.  CINHS also offers a seven day a week medication adherence support program, working with mainly HIV positive patients who struggle with medication adherence.

CINHS has integrated Indigenous approaches to health and healing, for example, by offering traditional healing practices (e.g. smudging, healing circles).  All these services are provided with the goal of promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

For more information, please visit: Central Interior Native Health Society