Health Equity Toolkit

About this Toolkit

The EQUIP team is committed to sharing knowledge about equity-oriented care with health care providers and organizations, to support them to adopt equity-oriented practices and provide the best possible care to their patients.

Providing equity-oriented care is complex, but can start with very small changes!

Our partners in the primary care sector told us that what they wanted most were easy-to-use tools, to take the theory and evidence behind cultural safety, trauma- and violence-informed care, and inequity-responsive services and put it in real, concrete terms with examples of how to shift conversations, practices and clinic spaces toward equity.

In creating a Health Equity Toolkit for Healthcare Providers and Organizations, we acknowledge that initiatives focusing solely on changing the knowledge or practices of individual practitioners are likely to have limited success, unless they also consider the organizational contexts in which practitioners provide health care. However, recent research shows that practitioners who can implement brief, practical strategies at the point of care can profoundly improve patients’ experiences. With this goal in view, we are developing a series of tools designed to break down equity-oriented care into useful ideas, approaches and practices that any provider or organization can implement.


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