Annette J. Browne

Annette J. Browne (Co-Principal Investigator) is a Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

I am one of the co-leads of the EQUIP Emergency study, and a professor at the UBC School of Nursing. My research activities focus on health and health care inequities, with a particular focus on implications for Indigenous populations. I’ve led studies in Emergency departments, including a study titled, Access Issues for Aboriginal People Seeking Primary Care Services at Emergency Departments.  I’ve also led studies in partnership with BC’s two long-established Urban Aboriginal Health Centres in Prince George and Vancouver. Currently, I am the co-lead of the EQUIP Primary Health Care Study, which focuses on organization-level strategies to enhance capacity to provide equity-oriented care in four clinics in Canada. I continue to work with lawyers, Indigenous health leaders, and community members on the Brian Sinclair Expert Working Group. We are finalizing a Report to put forward an alternate set of recommendations in response to the formal judicial Inquiry into the death of Mr. Brian Sinclair in an emergency department.