Nexus Module

Stay tuned for Nexus in 2024!

This free e-learning education covers the nexus of chronic pain, trauma, violence, and substance use stigma.

Nexus invites health care and social service providers to:

  • consider the intersections of trauma, violence, substance use stigma, and chronic pain;
  • reflect on your own assumptions and potential for biases; 
  • consider the perspectives of people experiencing both substance use stigma and pain; and
  • bring a structural lens to understanding wellbeing in the workplace

The Nexus Module has 7 sections, with embedded videos, case-based activities, interactive quizzes, and links to further resources throughout. After completing unit 7, successfully completing a brief assessment will provide a Certificate of Completion.

The Nexus Module is a collaboration between EQUIP Health Care and Pain BC. We thank the Public Health Agency of Canada for financial contributions to this project under the Supporting Pathways to Care for People Who Use Drugs initiative and through the support of the University of British Columbia.