Creating Safe Connections: Practical Strategies to Support Lung Cancer Screening

This FREE e-learning course teaches primary care providers how to integrate equity-oriented, trauma- and violence-informed care strategies into lung cancer screening conversations. It helps providers apply these principles to address barriers and risks associated with lung cancer, particularly smoking. The course supports organizations and practices in developing policies and protocols for TVIC integration, benefiting patients, providers, and healthcare settings. It includes four chapters with videos, case-based activities, quizzes, and a downloadable Notebook with core competencies, key messages, reflection questions, and additional resources.

How it works

The Creating Safe Connections course will take approximately 2 non-consecutive hours of self-directed, and self-paced online participation to complete all sections and activities.

The course has been accredited for up to 4 Mainpro+® credits from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

Options to take course:

  1. Mainpro+® accredited option
  2. Certificate of Completion option

Declarations & Acknowledgements

This freely available course was developed based on knowledge generated with funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (grants: # TLS- 170674; # TLP-185094). The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer supported the instructional videos used in this course.

The instructional and content designers, clinical advisors and patient partners involved in course development have no financial or other interests or conflicts related to the creation, dissemination, or use of this material.