Equipping for Equity Online Modules

Have you been trying to provide good care but it just seems like there are a million barriers? Do you want to provide better care to people who seem hardest to serve? Do you want to be more satisfied in your work? Do you want to have a bigger impact?

If you’re a health care or social service provider, staff member or leader in a health care organization, these modules are for you.

Watch Dr. Colleen Varcoe (PhD, RN), Professor in UBC’s School of Nursing, for a unique insight into how to deal with your frustration head-on. This video is 2.50 minutes long.


Integrating a health equity approach into the care you provide is a win-win-win:

  • your clients, especially those facing the biggest challenges, will be better served
  • you as the health care provider will deliver care that is more effective and acceptable, especially for your “complex” clients, and be more satisfied with your work
  • your organization and the health care system will be better aligned with quality of care goals, and with a social justice approach

Watch Dr. Nadine Wathen (PhD) introduce the Equipping for Equity Modules, outlining how the Modules came to be and what you can expect throughout the Modules. This video is 1.53 minutes long.

How it works…

  • Register for the Online Modules (Completely FREE).
  • Dive into Module 1 (or 2, or 3, or any of the other Modules.)
  • Each Module is designed to be quick, taking anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Our focus is to provide you with low-cost, action-oriented strategies, tools and templates to help you integrate healthy equity in practice.

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Presented by EQUIP Health Care

These online modules are presented by EQUIP Health Care — organizational-level intervention studies funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), designed to enhance the capacity of primary health care clinics and emergency departments to provide equity-oriented care, particularly for marginalized populations. The lead researchers on the EQUIP Health Care team are:

EQUIP Primary Care EQUIP Emergency Care
Annette Browne Colleen Varcoe
Colleen Varcoe Annette Browne
Marilyn Ford-Gilboe Vicky Bungay
Nadine Wathen David Byres
Roberta Price
Erin Wilson