Bernadette Pauly

Bernadette (Bernie) Pauly (Co-Investigator) is an Associate Professor in the University of Victoria School of Nursing, a Scientist in the Centre for Addictions Research and researcher with the Core Public Health Functions Research Initiative and Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness.

  • Her program of research focuses on the promotion of health equity with a particular focus on health and health care inequities in the context of substance use and homelessness.
  • Her current research projects include  a) integration of an equity lens in public health and application to the promotion of mental health and prevention of the harms of substance use;  b) an exploration of factors that foster equity in housing programs in relation to homelessness, gender, and substance use; c) relevance of cultural safety in fostering equity in relation to substance use and social disadvantages;  d) evaluation of socio-economic factors that impact equity for those experiencing homelessness and housing vulnerability.
  • Her program of research draws heavily on principles of community based research and she is an active participant in health and social issues that impact equity in the community.