Elizabeth Whynot

Elizabeth Whynot, who moved to BC from Ontario in 1972, is a medical doctor with experience as a family practitioner, public health officer and hospital administrator.

  • She received her MD from Queen’s University in 1972, and a Masters in Health Science from UBC in 1992.
  • As a family practitioner, she worked in both community-based clinics and private practice and was Co-founder of the Vancouver Sexual Assault Service.
  • From 1990- 1998, she was the Medical Health Officer for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, working alongside community agencies to address the issues of poverty, addictions, HIV and mental illness.
  • As the leader of BC Women’s Hospital from 2000-2008, she was responsible for provincial strategies to improve women’s health and access to maternity care as well as the Provincial Health Authority’s Aboriginal Health Plan and HIV Strategy.
  • She currently works as a locum physician in Vancouver and as a health consultant.