Staff and Trainees

Additional previous staff and trainees

Additional previous staff and trainees include:

  • Jacquie Denison (Trainee)
  • Shayna Dolan (Research Assistant)
  • Alycia Fridkin (Trainee)
  • Christine Garinger (Trainee)
  • Alison Gerlach (Trainee)
  • Leanne Huang (Research Assistant)
  • Janina Krabbe (Interim Research Manager)
  • Sarah Levine (Trainee)
  • Jen MacGregor (Trainee)
  • Wendy Masinde (Trainee)
  • Virginia Russell (Research Assistant)
  • Marion Selfridge (Research Assistant)
  • Meaghan Thumath (Trainee)
  • Kelsey Timler (Research Assistant)

Anwaar Baobeid

Anwaar Baobeid (Research Assistant)

Taq Bhandal

Taq Bhandal (Research Assistant)

  • Taq is a PhD Student at the Social Justice Institute at the University of British Columbia. Her parents immigrated to Metro Vancouver from Punjab, India and so she was born, lives, and works on the unceded, ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples and continue to support Indigenous movements of self-determination.
  • In official academic terms, she interested is in doing research and writing on the complex relations between health equity, political economies, global meta-narratives, decolonial and intersectional feminist perspectives, and our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Taq is passionate about balancing research, teaching, creative writing, organizational skills, cooking (and eating of course!), sustainability, and community involvement.

Phoebe Long

Phoebe Long (Research Manager) is the Research Manager for EQUIP Emergency at the UBC School of Nursing in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • As research manager for this study, Phoebe coordinated research operations and team communications, and provided supervision to research staff and students on the team.
  • Phoebe has been managing research projects related to health, equity, and interpersonal and structural violence since 2009, having joined the EQUIP Health Care team in 2011.
  • Phoebe has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Arizona, with an emphasis on global maternal and child health and medical anthropology. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and has a background in Latin American studies.
  • Phoebe’s previous work includes social work and counseling with migrant and immigrant families, many of whom have experienced multiple forms of violence. Throughout her previous and current work, Phoebe maintains a commitment to social justice and advocacy for marginalized people.

Joanne Hammerton

Joanne Hammerton (Research Manager)

  • Joanne is based at the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing at the University of Western Ontario in London.  Her work includes coordination and data management of a multi-site longitudinal study on the long-term effects of women who have recently left an abusive partner.
  • She has also been involved in the development and implementation of interventions for women experiencing intimate partner violence.
  • Joanne worked as the research manager for the Ontario division of EQUIP Primary Care.


Jo Parker

Jo Parker (Research Manager)

  • As manager of EQUIP Primary Care, Jo oversees research activities and team communications, and works closely with the research team to share the findings and lessons learned from the project. This includes working collaboratively with the research team and community partners to develop products and channels that will make the messages accessible and appealing to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Jo has a Masters in Health Promotion, and all of her work centers around health, social justice and engaging community members in research about topics that affect their lives.