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EQUIP-Specific Publications

These papers have come directly from our work on EQUIP Health Care.

Recent Publications:

These publications from the EQUIP Primary Health Care study present pathways, impacts, and policy requirements of equity-oriented health care.


Closing the health equity gap

This paper is freely available here, or by clicking the image. Browne, A.J., Varcoe, C., Wong, S., Smye, V., Lavoie, J., Littlejohn, D., Tu, D. Godwin, O., Krause, M., Khan, K., Fridkin, A., Rodney, P., O’Neil, J, & Lennox, S. (2012). Closing the health equity gap: Evidence-based strategies for primary health care organizations. International Journal for Equity in Health11(59), doi:10.1186/1475-9276-11-59