Rate Your Organization on Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care

Rate Your Organization: A Discussion Tool
10 Strategies to Guide Organizations in Enhancing Capacity for Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care

Use this worksheet to assess your own organization, agency, or setting in terms of the 10 strategies below. The goal is to support dialogue and action among all staff to enhance capacity for trauma- and violence-informed care (TVIC).

This is designed as a group activity, with all staff. It can be used across organizations, and is intended as a prompt for discussion and action-planning among people within the same organization or unit. Please use it to contribute to processes of organizational change by:

(a) creating space and opportunity for ongoing collective and individual self-reflection and input,
(b) assessing where the organization or unit is ‘at’ with respect to trauma- and violence-informed care, and
(c) engaging in priority-setting, action planning, and monitoring