Equity Walk Through

EQUIP has developed a set of questions that guide you to see, feel, and think from an equity perspective as you physically move through your work environment (whether walking or moving in another way, or just thinking about what it’s like). Most of these questions can be applied to various work environments – including walk-in clinics, doctor’s offices, social service organizations, acute care settings, and hospital units. If useful, you can complete this exercise before Rating Your Organization, though we suggest you do it after, to assess your changes in perspective.

These questions can be tailored in countless ways, to suit the space and realities of your specific workplace. For example, the Equity Walk Through Pocket Cards For Emergency provided below has been specifically tailored to the Emergency Department.

To print this tool:

– Ensure that the orientation of the paper is set at “Landscape”.
– Ensure that you “print on both sides” of the paper & that “flip on short edge” is selected.
– For optimum use, print this tool using card stock paper and cut each individual card.