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The main goal of the EQUIP Pathways project is to improve care by reducing the substance use stigma and discrimination that people face in health care settings. As part of EQUIP Pathways, we are creating a variety of new and updated resources to support health care providers to better understand and reduce discrimination regarding substance use and related issues, such as trauma and violence and racism.

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Rate Your Organization on Harm Reduction and Reducing Substance Use Stigma

How to do an Equity Walk Through

How to Implement Equity-Oriented Health Care Video

Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care Foundations Modules

Equipping for Equity Modules

Equipping for Equity Modules

EQUIP Equity Action Kit

Event Recording: Pathways Project Showcase

Poster on substance use health - drawings saying to dismantle the idea of us vs. them, a spectrum of substance use, and community members with a note "we're in this together"

“Substance Use Health” Infographic / Poster – Coming soon