Study looks to smooth health care delivery for all

In February 2015, the work of EQUIP Healthcare and team member Marilyn Ford-Gilboe was featured in a piece in Western University’s student-led newspaper. Read the piece here.

Colleen Varcoe discusses EQUIP Community Context Profile on CBC

EQUIP team member Colleen Varcoe recently spoke on CBC Radio’s Unreserved about how history and social experiences affect the health and well-being of Aboriginal people today [interview starts at 0:33:20]. She was highlighting the findings of our Community Context Profile on Prince George, BC.

Research on intimate partner violence points to long-term health risks

Findings from work led by EQUIP team members Colleen Varcoe, Marilyn Ford-Gilboe, and Nadine Wathen were recently highlighted in the Thunderbird (a student publication of the Graduate School of Journalism at University of British Columbia).

The article, available here, outlines some research findings from the Women’s Health Effects Study, which considered the long-term mental and physical health effects of intimate partner violence.


The University of Manitoba held an open forum, called Beyond Flows and Sightlines: Beginning Conversations on Systemic Discrimination and the Death of Brian Sinclair, in April 2014. Supported by Mr. Sinclair’s family, this forum brought together perspectives from the health and legal communities to start a national conversation around prejudice and health. Annette Browne, one of the leaders of EQUIP, was honoured to speak at this event, focusing on issues of discrimination within our healthcare system.  To learn more about these issues, read the recent article in the Winnipeg Free Press here.