Health Profile Compared to Canadian Populations

At the organization level, access to good data about the extent and type of social and health inequities in your client population can help you better understand and predict their needs. Comparing your client population to the general population in your city, region, province or at a national level can help make social or health inequities more visible. With this type of information, staff and leaders can look more strategically at whether the needs and priorities of specific groups of clients are being addressed in the care you provide, or if changes are needed to improve care quality. When changes are needed, you may be able to use this “evidence” to help make the case.

For more information, and to integrate the SOAR analysis, please complete Module 8 of the Equipping for Equity Modules: Measuring equity: Know who you serve and capture progress.


Click the icon below for a tool that can be used to compare your client population to those in the Canadian population. You can also add rows for other measures, to tailor these tables to the unique characteristics of your organization’s clients.

Health Profile Compared to Canadian Population