Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care Tool for the Homelessness Sector

EQUIP has partnered with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada to set a foundation for Trauma- and Violence- Informed Care (TVIC) within the homelessness sector. We engaged in a collaborative process that included service providers from the homelessness sector, researchers and policy makers, to understand the needs of this sector and develop a resource to support the use of a TVIC approach.

Trauma- and Violence- Informed Care (TVIC) is emerging as a best practice to deliver meaningful care and support within the homelessness sector. This approach recognizes the substantial burden of trauma and violence that affects people who experience homelessness, and the profound impact this has on health and well-being. Problematic substance use is also very common among people who have experienced trauma and violence, and is associated with high levels of stigma in society that can influence how services are sought and received. TVIC can help address barriers to care and support that exist as a result of this stigma.

This first orientation tool explains the importance and relevance of TVIC within this sector. It can be used to build understanding of TVIC among staff, volunteers and partners and offers best practice basics for service providers to begin to use this approach.

This is a first step to creating trauma- and violence-informed environments that improve the health and well-being of people who are experiencing homelessness. The goal is to increase understanding about the linkages between trauma, stigma and problematic substance use and to provide some basic steps to providing TVIC so that service-providers and volunteers will be better equipped to provide compassionate, trauma-informed support.

TVIC Tool for the Homelessness Sector