Who Starts and How?

Implementing equity-oriented care happens at both the individual and organizational levels, but can start with anyone. The tools and steps we provide are broadly useful, whether you’re an individual provider or leader who wants to deepen your understanding and promote an equity-oriented approach in your own practice, team or unit, or an administrator who wants to lead your entire organization, or service system, to equity. Innovators have a keen eye for taking the opportunities available to them, and our tools and resources are designed to support new ways of thinking, embedded in existing realities.

Once you’re ready to start, our steps will provide the path and link you to useful tools and resources at EQUIP Healthcare. Make sure to click on the various links to dig deeper and access the variety of supportive discussion, learning and action tools to support the Action Kit steps.

Please know it might be distressing to hear examples of people being treated poorly including racism, stigma and discrimination, especially if you recognize that this has happened to you, or in your organization.